Why Your Roof Needs Quality Shingles

February 21, 2019

A roof is a crucial investment in any home. The last thing you want to happen when you’re away from your house and the weather takes a turn for the worse is to find out there are leaks, rot, or other damage. That’s why your home needs great shingles! In this post, we will explore reasons to use great shingles and what aspects of performance they bring that makes them perfect for every type of roofing application.

They Offer Protection From Heat and UV Rays

Shingles help prevent the roof from being damaged by extreme temperatures, reducing the risk of mold and algae growth. They can also reduce the damage to your home’s interior caused by high levels of UV. Great shingles can alleviate this risk by allowing sunlight but blocking most heat from reaching the roof.

They Are Easy to Clean

Great shingles have a smooth surface, making it easier to keep dirt and debris from sticking. You can easily sweep away any dirt, leaves, or debris blown through your home. This enhances the look of your home and extends the life of your roof.

They Are Lightweight

Shingles can withstand extreme pressure, which is great for roofs that suffer from wind and hail damage. If a storm causes a roof to break and your Shingles don’t have a strong enough design, you could be left with a serious mess on your hands. Therefore, the installation is easier, so you stand less chance of damage to your property. Replacement can also be completed quickly, saving you time and money.

They Feature Superior Properties

Shingles are made with great modern materials that have been tested to withstand high temperatures and heavy winds without fail. For example, the composition of asphalt shingles can withstand heat from melting snow or freezing hail without melting or cracking. This means you needn’t worry about your roof if it’s subjected to heavy winds or frequent snowfall.

They Offer Flexibility

Because shingles can withstand extreme amounts of pressure and are lightweight, they can be used on roofs that are not perfectly flat or level. In addition, shingles can be made up of various materials and can accommodate various roof heights by adjusting the tension between layers of the shingle. As a result, all types of roofs, from steep to flat and low to high, can be made more durable and secure with the design of the right shingles.

They Come in Great Designs

Roofing shingles come in various pre-made designs and custom shapes and sizes. They are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and textures and are often protected by a protective coating that helps them withstand the elements. The aesthetic appeal of most roofing shingles means they can also be used to enhance the look of your home. Their uniform appearance makes them look nice when installed on multi-story buildings and enhances the aesthetic appeal of smaller properties.

They Enhance Safety

Shingles are commonly the most affordable and longest-lasting roofing option available, but their purpose in life is to protect your home from the elements. This means shingles can prevent damage by wind, water, and other external factors such as hail or high winds. Therefore, you won’t need to worry even if you’re away while something on your roof breaks.

They Improve Energy Efficiency

Roofing shingles are the number one rated roofing product by the Environmental Protection Agency. Energy efficient roofing shingles have been rated around thirty, which is very high. Therefore, shingles can reduce energy costs, increase your home’s value, and help reduce your carbon footprint. The hotter the roof, the more energy it will take to cool it. Therefore, roofing shingles that reflect heat away from your roof will reduce temperature and also help to keep you cool on hot days.

They Are Durable

The type of shingles you get will depend on your roofing application. However, some basic things to look for when choosing the right one. First, shingles with a smooth surface are likely to hold up better than those with a rough or ragged surface. This is because rough surfaces can become dirty and damaged, which leads to water, mold, or algae growth. Therefore, roofs with smooth surfaces will save you time and money in the long run by reducing the risk of damage caused by harsh weather conditions.

The Bottom Line

Roofing shingles are an excellent product to protect your roof from the elements. Your home deserves great shingles for all the reasons listed here. If you would like to find out more about our products, or if you’d like to learn about how we can help you with your roofing project, call us or visit our offices. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!